Is PLN useful?

The first question that I asked was “Why do I need a Personal Learning Network (PLN)?” Throughout these semester, the PLN that was  created for me were the study desk forum. In the forum, people from all over the world share and communicate their ideas and thoughts. Truly, it is a very good thing to be developed personally because it helps us to build relationship, establish critical and creative thinking as well as getting extra resources from others. Especially for educators, there is a high demand for all of us to work collaboratively in order to improve and empower ourselves to teach better. I felt that PLN is also very important for an individual to ‘survive’ in the society. A lone ranger may go through more struggles compared to a person who has a good PLN. As a human being, we are ought to seek for encouragement and supports from others. This is a short article that discusses about why PLN is essential in the modern society. It is relavant to students especially.

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