Children, ICT and eSafety

Today, I would like to share about how children can use ICT safely at home and in school. It is undeniably that ICT is important to young children in this twenty-first century due to the rapid growth of ICT throughout the universe. Children living in the urban area are exposed to ICT more than children living in the rural area. Not only that, an old-version of mobile phone seems outdated to urban area children; whereas rural area children will see it as an amazing tool. Hence, if children have the opportunity to use ICT, eSafety must be taught especially serving the Internet.  A leaflet provided by Moulton Chapel primary school has shared on how could parents ensure children use the Internet safely at home and how to use ICT more effectively in learning. I found that this leaflet is quite resourceful in a way that the school has explained very clearly to the parents on how their children use ICT in school. Variety of ICT tool and the purpose of using each tool has been listed out as well. In fact, this could give parents more ideas on why ICT is important in children’s learning. As a teacher, I would recommend you to take a look at this leaflet on how the school has use ICT in teaching and learning.

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