Authentic learning

This article discusses about the authentic learning supported by technology. Over here, I will do a summary on what is the article about. A very important criteria that create authentic learning is the environment. The context of the learning environment must be practical and relevant to real life. Next, it would be the activities that giving enough support of collaborative construction of knowledge (Herrington & Kervin 2007). Herrington and Kervin (2007) have given some insightful examples on how teacher could use technology in an authentic way which takes in the consideration of context, activities, expert performance, multiple roles and perspectives, reflection, collaboration, articulation, coaching and scaffolding, assessment and professional learning. For each criteria mentioned above, an informative sample is given to guide the teachers in their planning progress.




Herrington, J. & Kervin, L. (2007). Authentic Learning Supported by Technology: Ten suggestions and cases of integration

         in classrooms. Educational Media International, 44(3), 219-236. Retrieved April 24, 2013, from 

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