Dilemma of letting children use gadgets

Last week, one of the 5 years old parents have came to meet the class teacher regarding the issue of letting her child using ipad. Initially, ipad to her can serve as an extra educational tools for her child to learn. However, the problem was her child is more interested to play games (not educational) rather to play educational game. Most of the game that the child likes to play consist violence content. And, it is very hard for the mother to control the child from playing game using ipad because the grandparents are playing it as well. Anderson and Warburton have explained the effect of violence game toward children and teenager. They mention that healthy and pro-social video game content is able to enhance the live of children, however exposure to anti-social and violent game increases the livelihood of a range of negative outcomes. As a result, adults play an important role from the beginning when selecting the materials for children to learn. This is because once children get addicted to the game it is very hard for them to stop.

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