Which one do children like the most?

After writing the previous post, I thought of writing this post to find out whether children are more interested toward video or game that consist of educational content or non-educational content.

According to some of the case study shared by my school parents, some of them have exposed their children to both educational video and cartoon such as ultraman. But, the outcome of this is that children will prefer to watch cartoon with violence content instead of educational video. And, children will be addicted to watch the video again and again. Not only that, children will keep imagine and link whatever things that they do to the cartoon they have watched.

Besides that, there are also some children who have not being exposed to non-educational cartoon or game. Hence, they will not imagine or behave like the heroic character in the movie. Hubbard has shared about an article entitled cartoons, characters linked to kid’s bad behavior in Los Angelas Times. It stated a case study of two groups of children- “media-diet intervention” and the “Power Ranger group”. The intervention group of children have shown improvement in social skills; however children who remained in the Power Ranger group committed to more aggressive act.

There is a question worth thinking about it: Did you growth up with those violent cartoon exposure? How have you become now?


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