Interesting thing I found during practicum

After the 15 days of practicum, I have found out some interesting that I never realized before. It is about how children will get attracted to ICT easily when ICT is being incorporated into the lesson. For example, the children are so get used to listening story through picture books but somehow there are a few children who are not paying attention listening to the story. However, with the use of animation story from Youtube, children are able to pay full attention  listening to the story. When I was teaching the four years old reciting rhymes and singing songs, the same situation happened in the classroom. There are two children who are not able to sit for too long and listen to the teacher during circle time. But, they are able to pay full attention to the video played in the laptop and follow the actions when reciting rhymes or singing songs.

In the 5 years old class, children felt so excited when they are given a chance to type on the keyboard. They are also very helpful in a way that they are helping each other to find the letter on the keyboard. Of course, after the typing process, children are so eager to look at the work that they have produced. Haha. It is quite fun and interesting letting children use ICT for the appropriate activity.

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